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ME award for excellence

Haimi Group
23 38 2013

In collaboration with HaimiGroup of Software Solutions achieved the Taif scoop secretariat new professionally at the secretariat level and municipalities in the kingdom, beating the Middle East Award for Excellence for the government and e-services branch municipalities electronic (Emunicipality).

K.Al-Faisal congratulations

Haimi Group
23 37 2013

Congratulated the Emir of Makkah Region Prince Khalid Al-Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, Secretary of the Taif Engineer Mohammed bin Abdulrahman victory Secretariat director Middle East Award for Excellence "18" to the government and e-services.

delivering the first Smart License

Haimi Group
23 36 2013

Delegated His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Mansour bin Mot'eb bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Mohammad Bin Abdul Rahman director Secretary of Taif in the delivery of the first building permit citizen smart move to start the second phase of the electronic licensing system.