We have now expanded our operations into the following four lines of business, each providing specialized professional services.

A geographic information system (GIS) provides the a lot of services that help in creating applications using GIS Data

• Create and develop database models (Database).
• Base Map
• Geographical data warehouse.
• Spatial Data Dictionary.
• SDI – Spatial Data Infrastructure.
• GIS Strategic Plan dictionary.
• Spatial data (Geo Spatial).

Haimi Group provide in the field of electronic archiving solutions for the government and private organizations.

Our Document archiving solutions :
• Speed of accessing the information.
• Quick access to the beneficiaries whatever their location and the provision of services.
• Reduce revisions to government departments by the beneficiaries.
• Central in dealing with the documents and therefore no inconsistency and redundancy in the issuing of orders.
• Save documents permanently and safely.
• Using data, analysis and reliable reporting.
• Standardization in dealing with documents and linking information in more than one database, whether within the organization or outside.
• Increase the performance of government institutions as well as private sector organizations.
• Easy exchange of documents via electronic networks.

The experience in the project management standards established and approved by the World Institute for Project Management (PMI).

We lead to help companies, institutions and government agencies to manage their projects. A clear methodology suite of professional services has been created working group of professionals to manage projects and consultants. Programs for project management, planning and resource management, such as Oracle Primavera, Microsoft Project (MS EPM) and Smart Sheet to be dealing with the inputs and outputs of the project easy and accessible at the same time governed by the rule of a coherent, integrated solid data to provide decision-makers with information and reports.
So as to achieve the following key objectives :
1. Overall management of the project to ensure its operations and monitor the implementation of the business and quality control until the end of the project and delivered within the time scale and budget set by the consultants.
2. Advisory services for project management to ensure improved method and the performance of the project management team and optimal utilization of resources tools and coordinated tracking to control the operations of the project.
3. Assistance in training on project management work; the start, planning, implementation, and monitoring and control, and final closure.
4. Building a project management office (PMO) is important to manage any projects.
5. The real practice of world class project management that ensures the success of projects in high proportions of what has been tested global and local companies in this aspect, which is indispensable in the modern era.

The Surveying Engineering Department is responsible for all kinds of surveying layouts and working with the issues related to the land.

The Surveying Engineering Department is responsible for all kinds of surveying layouts. Also the extraction of organizational drawings for lands, inaddition to fixing partitioning the housing and industrial drawings, contourmaps, engineering designs, quantity calculations for roads 'constructions, dams,rain drainage, electrical and communications stations. All these are using thelatest technological surveying devices with highest precisions, done by highlyqualified and experienced engineers and surveyors.

The Department of Architecture and Construction offers a lot of services.

The Department of Architecture and Construction offers the following services:
• The department work architectural and construction plans and supervise the       implementation of these schemes.
• Implementation of various projects of buildings and construction projects.
• Public utilities projects of public parks beginning landscape until supervision.
• Sewage projects and implementation of drinking water.
• Implementation of road projects.
• Maintenance and repair of the buildings.
• Maintenance of roads and sewage systems and drinking water.
• carry out urban planning.

In this Service Haimi Group Provide specialized consulting services to conduct all studies , technical, and administrative work .

Providing specialized consulting services to conduct all studies, technical, and administrative work for the implementation of development projects and urban development and urban renewal on the nature of the work assigned.

Information Technology is one of the important sectors for the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Information Technology is one of theimportant sectors for the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
We are usinglatest technology and tools for Analysis, design, development, implementationand etc. Following are our high quality of solutions
• Design, developand implement systems and software.
• Design anddevelopment of sites and portals.
• Providinge-government solutions.
• Graphic Designand Multimedia.
• Strategic management services and consultancy.
• Businesssolutions using Oracle systems and programming languages.
• Networkingsolutions.
• IT Infrastructuredesign and development.
• IT Disasterrecovery & IT operation and maintenance.